Sisal rugs: Things You Need to know About them

Sisal rugs are eco-friendly and stylish. It comes from the cactus plant Sisal, and they are very sustainable. Using this type of rugs can help the world’s advocacy of going green. Since it is a natural fiber, it has the feature of being flexible and resilient. They are best to place in high traffic areas like the living room or bedroom. They are comfortable to maintain and clean. Commonly, it can be dry cleaned. Just like any other rugs, you need to vacuum them and spot clean to prevent dirt particles from sticking to the carpet. As for style, they are perfect in any room in your house and can add to its appearance.

Since Sisal rugs come from a natural fiber so expectedly it is non-toxic. It is more recommended to people with allergies and asthma. It will contribute to the air quality of your home because it won’t off-gas volatile organic compound. This type of rug is biodegradable, so once it ended its service, it is easier to dispose of. Sisal’s materials may be rough, but it is durable, which means, it can help you save money in the long run. It is also low maintenance. You only need to vacuum them every day to keep it in shape. Because of its materials, this rug can be very absorbent, so it acts as a natural humidifier in your home and keeps you fresh on hot days.


This type of rugs can be higher in price compared to the usual mats because hands craft it. It is being prepared and develop not by machines. However, you can trust it to last long. And since it requires inexpensive maintenance and cleaning, you soon realize that you can save some money in the long run. It can be your great option for an eco-friendly rug to use.