Engagement rings on elegantgems.ie – What People usually Ask

Wedding rings are the do or die game during the wedding ceremony. The planner of the celebration of love is you. Our customs and traditions of a typical wedding include invitation, photography, an officiating priest, flowers, food, and most especially the wedding ring. There are pre-made wedding ring designs that you can choose without the hassle. But if you do not like it, it is okay. Remember, this is your wedding. You two have the power and the right to choose.  Let Elegant Gems be your companion in fulfilling that wonderful dream. With their innovative 3D software, you can create your wedding design hassle free!

But which engagement rings on elegantgems.ie would you choose? After achieving a compromise with your partner in regards to your ring, this how your bespoke ring design works. First, set up an appointment with a jeweler from Elegant Gems. You can choose the time that is most convenient for you. Remember the following points:

  • Ring Band varies from yellow gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, and sterling silver.
  • Gold has 12K, 18K, and 24K respectively.
  • Diamonds are offered in different shapes, sizes, colors, and clarity.
  • For more personalized one, you can add other gemstones. Moreover, birthstones can touch up your ring.
  • A woman’s wedding ring is different from her man’s wedding ring. Although a matching pair sounds nice.
  • Ask help from your jeweler on how to draw the design of your wedding rings.

Once satisfied, the jeweler from Elegant Gems will make your dream wedding ring design from the computer using the 3D software. After showing you the final design, their skilled technician will use the state-of-the-art software to create a wire model of the ring. From the model of the ring, it goes to have a raw cast. After that, it goes to the hand of a skilled jeweler or gem setter to polish the ring as well as attaching your selected jewels like diamonds and such. Your dream wedding ring is set. You can personally collect it from the shop or have it delivered to you through a courier service. Best wishes!